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What our customers are saying...

I get excited to see the baristas there. They really pick me up in the mornings. There always in a great mood and know just how to make my coffee.




 I love being able to order in advance and pick my order up at the drive through. It saves me time on my lunch break.





Not since Seattle have I had a great latte made with the finesse that I like. perfect foam and flavor  in a warm environment with friendly staff



In spring of 2010 Dan and Mimi Burton set out to bring the North-State something special. Their goal was to create coffee shops that serve the best coffee and food in Redding, prepared with the utmost care to surpass all expectations and rise above the careless corporate procedure of brewing beverages.  Kaleidoscope Coffee Company in Redding and Anderson uses all fair trade organic beans, shade grown,  bird friendly androasted to perfection in the Trinity Alps. These exquisite beans are utilized in the extensive variety of beverages that we offer.  We spent months tasting products from all over the world and picking only the finest for our cafés. This is the foundation of Kaleidoscope's growing success and will remain central to our mission. Try it once, and you will taste the difference!

Our story of the Best Coffee

Other Specialties

Kaleidoscope Coffee Company

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Smooth, cold, and creamy blended drinks that satisfy to the last drop.


Infused Red Bulls

These mind blowing sensations are very popular. Red Bull drinks on ice or blended and infused with a rainbow of flavor choices.


Biscotti, Pastries, and More.

Enjoy a treat like our decadent biscotti in many flavors or try our brownies or gluten free super bar options.



Hot hearty breakfast and lunch grillers that entice with international flavors.